Sunday, April 30, 2006

can you do the cannes-can?

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although i saw in hell no chance,
i've somehow gone and done it,
there was this little trip to France
and by golly gosh - i've won it.

we entered this young creatives thing
then thought nothing of it,
& now we find ourselves winning
a prize that ad-folks covet.

so it is with more than a little elation,
i organize my summer plans.
of this i had no expectation
and now i'll be tearing up Cannes.

Monday, April 24, 2006

no ifs ands or bad haircuts

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admittedly, there was a touch of apprehension
(there always is just before the cut)
to understand, you'd have to direct your attention
to my past as a notorious salon-slut.

it started when years ago i lost my locks
what an unexpected fashion discovery it turned out to be!
if adversity taught me anything it's that short hair rocks!
and so began my love affair with the aveda academy.

from the pixie to the graduated bob, i've had 'em all--
there was a hot bedhead, a rocker and a mullet in disguise,
some were pomo, some preppy, some completely off the wall,
some complimented my neck , others focused on my eyes.

each had its own up(do's) and downs - its own high(lights) & lows,
and i was happy -- until one day i was lectured by my mirror,
it reminded me that hair can actually look good when it grows,
and so i ceased my perpetual trysts with the shearer.

but when it had been a supremely long while
i realized the cutting drought had to stop
you see, my hairstyle was suddenly more hair than style
so i headed back to my old haunt, chop! chop!

and now apprehension has vanished into thin air
(it always does immediately post-clip trip)
after all, i just got an edgier version of my old hair
but i did renew my romance with a sound called "snip!"

Friday, April 14, 2006

tickled pink

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i've got the power (book)

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how i doth pine for you my sweet little powerbook
how my fingers love to run up and down your keys
i succumbed to your sleek style with just one look
& now when you're far from me i feel ill at ease.

you horrible tease.

you're a smooth operator, sha la la you're so fine
forever i could gaze at your crystal clear screen,
you add luxury to this little lap of mine,
i think about you so much, it's almost obscene.

you love machine.

how good we look together when we're out on the town
how gracefully you carry all my files & word docs
you're the book i just can't seem to put down
you've successfullly rocked off my socks.

you sly silver fox.

& though i realize that you're just in it for the work
(after all, you were hired to make me a money-maker)
you're still the apple (F) of my eye, you coldhearted jerk
till you dump me for some more productive mover/shaker.

you heart-and ball-breaker.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

trinity belle-woulds. a sonnet.

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Oh, Trinity College, do i adore or abhor thee?
my feelings for you are indeed bittersweet,
once i knew your hallowed halls quite intimately
now i hardly acknowledge you in the street.
in first year i fell hard - your wish was my command,
of your endless traditions i never did tire
so i ran around giddliy, academic gown in hand,
& joined the pipe club, the paper, and sang in the choir.
i even headed up an old secret society -- the ultimate clique,
with skulls, rituals & chants - lord, what the hell was i thinking?
i guess i was living the dream of the ultimate school-spirited geek,
who skipped classes to spend her time writing jokes and drinking.
The times we had were at once awe and blah-inspiring, you see-
So forever i'll love to hate to love my darling awful Trinity.
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