Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i've got the power (book)

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how i doth pine for you my sweet little powerbook
how my fingers love to run up and down your keys
i succumbed to your sleek style with just one look
& now when you're far from me i feel ill at ease.

you horrible tease.

you're a smooth operator, sha la la you're so fine
forever i could gaze at your crystal clear screen,
you add luxury to this little lap of mine,
i think about you so much, it's almost obscene.

you love machine.

how good we look together when we're out on the town
how gracefully you carry all my files & word docs
you're the book i just can't seem to put down
you've successfullly rocked off my socks.

you sly silver fox.

& though i realize that you're just in it for the work
(after all, you were hired to make me a money-maker)
you're still the apple (F) of my eye, you coldhearted jerk
till you dump me for some more productive mover/shaker.

you heart-and ball-breaker.


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