Monday, April 21, 2008

prose & contemplation.

you keep coming back
what a miserable hack
i am – for even sharing
you’ve had it to here,
rightly so, I fear:
i’m underwhelming and overbearing.
like a motley crue ballad
or a taco bell salad,
my actions are heavy-handed
i should quit while ahead -
just make small talk instead,
but it’s kind of more fun to be candid.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

solo condo.

living alone can be lonely
a seemingly obvious fact,
but for this amateur hermit
it’s a nut just recently cracked

sure, it gives you the freedom to do things
things that normally seem a bit dumb
like drinking a beer in the bathtub
or dancing, or sucking your thumb

you can let the eccentric take over
and embrace that recluse within
display all your hideous objects d’art
stock your cupboards with pretzels & gin

but there will come an inevitable moment
when you’re tucked into cool, cozy bliss
you’ll think, “how nice it would be to have
someone perfect to share all of this”.