Tuesday, February 28, 2006

getting off soundtrack

Thursday, February 16, 2006

bud in bad times (or good)

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it's 5 o'clock - how effing great
my heart's starting to palp-palpitate
at the office i shan't dawdle
for i've a date with a bottle,
and for him, i cannot be late.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


with chocolate fountains and champers i am smitten
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on a day that puts the "kitsch" into "kittens"
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Monday, February 13, 2006

cat scan - meow

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how can i not write an ode to the cat scan?
after 6 years of giggles, he's like an old friend
so i'll let you in on a glimpse of my main man
our history is memorable from beginning to end.

we met when i was young, wild and totally illin'
within seconds of meeting i was in my underwear
he immediately saw through me - inside & out
rather than resist his charms, i laid mine bare

hadn't seen him in ages when i got the call
he said, "want to go out?" and i said, "just say when"
i couldn't eat or drink anything for four hours prior
so nervous was i to be alone with him again.

when i arrived, there was a drink and a brand new gown waiting
a knee-length concoction in a fetching shade of blue
and as i sipped my 1 liter white chalky contrast cocktail,
i prepared myself for our rendez-vous.

as expected, our reunion did not disappoint,
he gave me a shot, told me to relax and unwind
sure, he spent most of the time staring at my chest
but thankfully there's no need for him to study my mind.

and now our date is over, and i await his call
will he give me the brush-off or want things to be like before?
though he's super, i'd really rather keep it casual
and meet every so often for a quickie -- nothing more.

context, context