Sunday, August 12, 2007

don't be down, town

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toronto, i'm sorry, but i must tell the truth
that i'm sick of you, done with you, through!
you're pretentious & dull, and call me uncouth -
but i'm going to publicly break up with you.

now i know we've had good times together
ten years we've shared domestic bliss
but lately i'm feeling tied down by your tether
and so i must drop you, dear metropolis.

i moved in at eighteen, so young and naive
ah, common law then seemed uncommonly sweet
and during the peak, ne'er imagined i'd leave
as i kissed you up dundas and down queen street.

but though i wear shades, the future aint brighter
you are sullen, and i, bored out of my wits
so i've turned from in lover to an outsider
and now good old town, i'm calling it quits.

it's not you, it's me - we can still be friends, right?
i mean, i think you're cool, and well, relatively pretty
i'm even up for the occasional fling or date night
but i've actually, um, fallen for another city.

toronto, i'm sorry, the truth hurts i know
but you should be sick of me, done with me too!
i'm a neurotic goofball who still needs to grow -
perhaps someday i'll be ready for you.