Sunday, May 27, 2007

cannes do.

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i'm a lucky bastard, short and stout
here is my tale all filled with self-doubt
won a little contest, how i'm not sure
and now i'm off to the cote d'azure.

see, it's not the first time - won last year
a total fluke that brought sun, sand & beer
well, fluking again is equally nice--
looks like lightning really can strike twice.

now i need to pack up & mentally prepare
do i have enough banter? & dresses to wear?
two things are certain - cannes will make my summer
and i'm sure to return 10,000 times dumber.

Monday, May 07, 2007

thou have my vow

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derelict. idiot. hack.
i have earned all these titles before
and now once again i'm back!
to deserve them all some more.

my hoetry in motion got stalled
i was stuck in the traffic of living
i hope my 2 readers were duly appalled
but now will be somewhat forgiving.

from now on, it's rhyme & little reason
& i promise to spew with prolific candour
a poem for every week of every season
so do come back & take a gander.