Sunday, April 02, 2006

trinity belle-woulds. a sonnet.

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Oh, Trinity College, do i adore or abhor thee?
my feelings for you are indeed bittersweet,
once i knew your hallowed halls quite intimately
now i hardly acknowledge you in the street.
in first year i fell hard - your wish was my command,
of your endless traditions i never did tire
so i ran around giddliy, academic gown in hand,
& joined the pipe club, the paper, and sang in the choir.
i even headed up an old secret society -- the ultimate clique,
with skulls, rituals & chants - lord, what the hell was i thinking?
i guess i was living the dream of the ultimate school-spirited geek,
who skipped classes to spend her time writing jokes and drinking.
The times we had were at once awe and blah-inspiring, you see-
So forever i'll love to hate to love my darling awful Trinity.
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