Tuesday, January 31, 2006

a shot of ab-synth.

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growing up i had no pets - nary a dog, never a cat,
but i had plenty of synthesizers to coo over and pat
they ranged in size and splendour, some were silver, some were black
most were named roland, and they travelled in a pack.

Monday, January 30, 2006

dive into the jean pool.

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bought my first real sevens
(sadly not at the five and dime)
wore them till they fell apart,
that was the summer of looking fine.

the second pair was the same as the first--
i had to, you see, they just looked too good
as i plunked down $300 i silently cursed,
(but i'd do it again! oh i would, how i would).

oh, when i look back now -
thought the romance would last forever
but little did i know --
my waistline would get bigger than ever
those were the best jeans of my life.

now the times are changing
never like a pair, no matter what i try on
sometimes when i'm spooning down ice cream,
i think about you and what went wrong

those were the best jeans of my life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this little life of mine, i'm gonna let it shine.

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apologies for sporadic posting - but i've been in a tizzy
there've been ch-ch-changes enough to make bowie dizzy.
so from the sublime to the ridicuolous to moments of pure fate --
here they are -- the notable events of late:

i exchanged my autopilot job for a far more serious ride
and now am happily buried under a work landslide.

had my bank info stolen and subsequently all the money i've got -
but at least some fucker had 900 dollar fun at the "massage spot"

a raccoon commune took up residence in the floor under my bed
rather than disturb their late-night meetings, I took the couch instead

while attempting to update my ipod – I wiped the sucker clean
and lost musical gems from wu-tang to springsteen.

oh, & painted the town anniversary red avec le beau
oddly ran into the exact same faces as that night a year ago.

So to sum it all up, it seems the stars are aligned
My hard earned dough helped some jackass unwind
I lost all my music but gained a critter posse
And this job is sure to turn me from drippy to saucy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the apple of my itunes

no, i'm not going to get all hipster on you and subject you to my list
of all the obscure bands & albums that you totally missed--

but the name of this post was so silly i just couldn't resist
so here are ten songs that always leave me totally blissed:

belle & sebastian -- another sunny day.
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another sunny day, i met you up in the garden
you were digging plants, i dug you, beg your pardon.

lil' wayne -- gangsta shit (feat petey pablo).
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i'm gon round up the whole uptown
we gon burn this bitch down to the ground.

the cars -- double life.
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neon blinking on the street
everyone is bittersweet.

brendan benson -- cold hands, warm heart.
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you're too quiet, I'm too loud -
now we've hit a storm cloud
i''ll see you on the other side.

jens lekman -- black cab.
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oh no, god damn, I missed the last tram
I killed a party again -- god damn, god damn.

silver jews -- trains across the sea.
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in 27 years i've drunk fifty thousand beers & they just
wash against me like the sea into a pier.

okkervil river -- listening to otis redding at home during christmas.
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and i know that it’s home because that’s where the stereo sings
“i’ve got dreams to remember.”
but not even home can be with you forever.

aesop rock -- lucy.
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you can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream
i'd rather live it -- cuz dreamers always chase, but never get it.

why? -- gemini (birthday song)
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when we're on different sides of the globe
i thought we'd keep our veins tangled
like a pair of mic cables.

the national -- mr november.
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i wish that I believed in fate
i wish i didn't sleep so late.

Friday, January 06, 2006

school's out for the weekend!

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last day of work today, my, my, my
i feel like i'm transferring from sweet valley high
to that artsy college across the city
where the grass is greener and the work is pretty.

but of course, there are things about this school i shall miss
like the coffee breaks, the slight mistakes, the nights of drunken bliss

(alright "bliss" is most definitely going too far ---
let's say as blissful as you feel at a smoky, washed out bar)

i'll miss the quitters and the ones who might soon quit
and even all the gossip and unrest and bullshit..

hmm, i think nostalgia might be getting in the way
it's clouding my judgement somewhat on my two year stay
but hell, i'm allowed to get misty-eyed - on this my final day.

katy horan is my hero

Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year/fear/cheer/beer.

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What will happen in 2006?
will my life fall into place like mikado pick-up sticks?
or will it suck harder than an ironic indie dance mix?
we'll just have to wait and see.

After all, the year is only two days old--
i should see how the other 363 unfold,
they could be dollar store tinfoil or Byzantine gold
we'll just have to wait and see.

So tonight as i lay me down to sleep,
i'll make some resolutions that i won't keep,
will i be kind of little lamb or more black sheep?
we'll just have to wait and see.

hey hey, check it, carson ellis draws madeleine too!