Tuesday, May 23, 2006

birthdazed & confused.

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well, well -- good heavens
i can't beleive it's true!
i'm suddenly twenty-seven
now what am i going to do?

i could act like a grown up for once in my life
and plan step by step my entire career
get a house, a dog, a husband, a wife
and not spend my savings on beer.

i could start doing yoga on a daily basis
slow down my routine to a zen-friendly pace
then watch as my self achieves beautiful stasis
and meditate till i'm a calm-ocean-blue in the face

i could try the late-twenties hipster on for size
haunt non-starbucks coffeeshops & hip record stores
natter on about capitalist things i despise
and talk politics until i'm drowned out by snores

or i could check none of the above
& instead embrace all the who knows and who cares'
after all - uncertainty's something i'm proud to love
so, mother-effers, let's go kick out the chairs.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


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a few months ago, i asked how you thought i was doing
but tech-savvy i'm sure as hell not
didn't realize that i myself over was screwing
& that about blog-settings i know squat.
had them set to only allow comments from users
a situation i've wasted no time in correcting
i want to hear from every one of you losers -
so lovenotes and love-nots i'm expecting.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

when ads go bad

Sunday, May 07, 2006

rhetoricals pour l'amour-icals. (for mm and oc)

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How do you know what to do, how do you
Decide where to go when your heart breaks in two
Do you drip through the days, spewing clichés
Or pretend you have far better things to do
That you’re over it, done with it,
How do you, how do you.

How do you act when they ask you, ask you
What’s up, if you’re down, & of course if you’re through
Do you shotgun ten beers then dissolve into tears
Or react to the questions with a dismissive, “Who?”
Pretend you don’t know him, let alone love him,
What exactly do you do.

How do you get through this, get through
The days you wish that this all wasn’t true
Do you dwell on the past, hang your head at half-mast
Or look on the bright side of being this blue
Find the strength to work out,
How you two will get through.