Monday, June 19, 2006

taking a kick at the cannes

i came to cannes and i conquered
or maybe i really just sat
in a fancy little helicopter
that shook around like a bat.

arrived in style on saturday
then was given an ad brief that night
since then we've been overthinking
about how to get that idea just right.

distractions have been plenty
there's glitz! and glam! and brew!
but when this is done i promise
to dress up and chug back a few.

the rest of the week looks stellar
sights, sounds, sun, sand & schmooze,
i'll just have make sure to curb my tongue
with the bosses after the booze.

then i'll speed about town on my moped,
or maybe just my two flip flopped feet,
soak in all the beautiful buildings
as i wind down each cobblestoned street.

then i'll soak in good ads like a champion
(or perhaps just the rookie I is)
and hope that brilliance will wash over me
so i can rise to the top of this biz.

and after i'll go back to my hotel
the definition of shabby Un-chic,
and fall into slumber quite contentedly
knowing that i'm here a whole other week.

Friday, June 02, 2006

courtesy of the comic-hael mcgrath

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