Monday, January 30, 2006

dive into the jean pool.

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bought my first real sevens
(sadly not at the five and dime)
wore them till they fell apart,
that was the summer of looking fine.

the second pair was the same as the first--
i had to, you see, they just looked too good
as i plunked down $300 i silently cursed,
(but i'd do it again! oh i would, how i would).

oh, when i look back now -
thought the romance would last forever
but little did i know --
my waistline would get bigger than ever
those were the best jeans of my life.

now the times are changing
never like a pair, no matter what i try on
sometimes when i'm spooning down ice cream,
i think about you and what went wrong

those were the best jeans of my life.


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