Friday, January 06, 2006

school's out for the weekend!

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last day of work today, my, my, my
i feel like i'm transferring from sweet valley high
to that artsy college across the city
where the grass is greener and the work is pretty.

but of course, there are things about this school i shall miss
like the coffee breaks, the slight mistakes, the nights of drunken bliss

(alright "bliss" is most definitely going too far ---
let's say as blissful as you feel at a smoky, washed out bar)

i'll miss the quitters and the ones who might soon quit
and even all the gossip and unrest and bullshit..

hmm, i think nostalgia might be getting in the way
it's clouding my judgement somewhat on my two year stay
but hell, i'm allowed to get misty-eyed - on this my final day.

katy horan is my hero


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