Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this little life of mine, i'm gonna let it shine.

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apologies for sporadic posting - but i've been in a tizzy
there've been ch-ch-changes enough to make bowie dizzy.
so from the sublime to the ridicuolous to moments of pure fate --
here they are -- the notable events of late:

i exchanged my autopilot job for a far more serious ride
and now am happily buried under a work landslide.

had my bank info stolen and subsequently all the money i've got -
but at least some fucker had 900 dollar fun at the "massage spot"

a raccoon commune took up residence in the floor under my bed
rather than disturb their late-night meetings, I took the couch instead

while attempting to update my ipod – I wiped the sucker clean
and lost musical gems from wu-tang to springsteen.

oh, & painted the town anniversary red avec le beau
oddly ran into the exact same faces as that night a year ago.

So to sum it all up, it seems the stars are aligned
My hard earned dough helped some jackass unwind
I lost all my music but gained a critter posse
And this job is sure to turn me from drippy to saucy.


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