Tuesday, May 23, 2006

birthdazed & confused.

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well, well -- good heavens
i can't beleive it's true!
i'm suddenly twenty-seven
now what am i going to do?

i could act like a grown up for once in my life
and plan step by step my entire career
get a house, a dog, a husband, a wife
and not spend my savings on beer.

i could start doing yoga on a daily basis
slow down my routine to a zen-friendly pace
then watch as my self achieves beautiful stasis
and meditate till i'm a calm-ocean-blue in the face

i could try the late-twenties hipster on for size
haunt non-starbucks coffeeshops & hip record stores
natter on about capitalist things i despise
and talk politics until i'm drowned out by snores

or i could check none of the above
& instead embrace all the who knows and who cares'
after all - uncertainty's something i'm proud to love
so, mother-effers, let's go kick out the chairs.


Anonymous jennifer said...

This is totally lame, but Sex and the City's episode tonight was about the confusing difference between what society says a woman at certain ages should be doing and what she really wants to do. I think you know what side of the debate I'd fall on. Happy day!

8:38 PM  

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