Monday, August 22, 2005

monday bloody monday.

Here in my dim little office sits
an untouched stack of creative briefs
but all i can do is listen to the cars greatest hits
lethargy and time-wasting have become life motifs

the problem, of course, is too! much! choice!
shall i wax on about LCDs? or wireless? or pills?
with such exciting options, my heart can't help but rejoice
i'm OD'ing on inspiration and choking on thrills.

and the bestest part? this glorious week has only begun
like, there's so much to do, yet so little motivation!
i mean, there are songs to download! online games to be won!
like aerosmith, my mind be on permanent vacation.

so here in my dim little office I sit
with procrastination, now i'm officially smitten
so i'll just sit here and chat and rock out and shit
those brilliant headlines will just have to wait to be written.


Blogger christine said...

lovin it

12:12 PM  

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