Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the big idea: a sonnet

You wanna hear a sonnet? I'm ON IT!

I waited all day in my office for you,
But you loved me and left me, you miserable jerk
You're the Big Idea, and you aint been true
You cheated on me with every writer at work
You wooed me with formats and concepts and such
You promised me kisses (you promised me copy)
I opened my word document, awaited your touch
But you left me alone and professionally sloppy
Your trysting and tricks have drowned me in sorrow
I hear you're giving headlines & getting subhead
And now I got nothin' for client tomorrow
(if I hide under my desk, will they think that I'm dead?)
From now on i'll settle for long lunches and beer
Hell, that sounds way better than wasting time here.


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