Wednesday, August 10, 2005

cheers to advertising

Let's raise a glass to the best agency in the city
where the interns are green and the girls are pretty
Here's to staying late into the night doing creative duty
To complimenting the boss and kissing questionable booty
To nodding seriously about mail that most think of as junk
To writing headlines about baby products to Slayer and Crunk
To self-important co-workers puffing up chests
To under-sexed account directors leering at breasts
To awkward "how are you (I could care less)" conversations
To pseudo praise, fake kudos and insincere ovations
To heinous expressions like "keep that in your backpocket"
To dividing your human life into mechanical dockets
To client presentations that dramatize the 8 x 10 envelope
To relying on Budweiser in order to cope
To daydreaming of writing that's meaningful and true
To being out of Bud and having to settle for Blue
To a lovely summer evening wasted typing up shit
To moments wondering, "my god is this it?!"
To realizing truly you could have a far duller career
Without the absurd jokes and the free flowing beer
To sucking it up and getting down to that writing
To trying to turn boring projects into the exciting
To getting this done & done no matter how bad.
Raise your glass. Drink up. It's the weekend: how rad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Here's to staying late into the night doing creative duty--"


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