Saturday, July 30, 2005

chicago go go can we go back please.

Today we talk Chicago. Chicago at night. Chicago-car-go. Chi-town is the right town for me. I have fallen sadly and rather hopelessly in love with this city -- it has chewed me up over a short weekend, and spit me out a convert, a bleary-eyed stalker, in raptures over a metropolis I hardly know, but hardly want to live without. After a lovely drive down, all highway and high-fives between good driver and not-so-good-but-darned-enthusiastic navigator, we arrived in the windy city, where the skyline put our little T-dot dot dot right to shame. There were actually more than 2 buildings! And they were interesting architectural specimens, not a tower called CN and some just-barely-scrapin' skyscrapers. Fancy that!

Now, the love at first sight, love at first night, might have been tinged by our delightful hosts and lodgings -- an absolute stunner of a loft, all 30 foot ceilings and exposed brick and general minimalist beauty, right in the heart of a factory/art gallery district. This place took my breath away, and I like to think that I am somewhat beyond saying shit that makes me sound like some sort of Cliche Guevara. So yes, the times was good.

And the city. The kind of place that is teeming with history -- where you can practically feel echoes and ghosts and stories oozing out of the bricked buildings, rusting off the ancient fire escapes, rising from the worn out sidewalks. And of course, like every fine city, A River Runs through it.

I could probably wax pseudo-poetic for days. I'll try instead to make use of some real insight that I've learned at work -- people apparently like to look at pictures more than they like to read. ("So d'you think you could cut down that paragraph detailing that SUV to like, maybe 3 words? But keep all the specs please. Thanks!") So here are a few pictures taken in the big bad photo competition -- 2 disposable cameras embarking on a mission to take hopefully not so disposable pictures. Voila. My 2 favourites. And boy are they huge. But in their hugeness, they capture some of the larger than life delight I took in this great city.

Ltrain is a swell train indeed.
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Alleys perfect for dilly-dallys
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