Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Sanding down the meaning of a Stoli sunburned smile
It's the breeze that blew me backwards to that Muscovite meanwhile
Falling deep into obsession, onion domes and concrete rock
Cops with roses and machine guns gracing every city block
Running through the cd market, spending power in Fili park
Russian cigarettes, chai, coffee, Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark
Tree-lined walkways, hidden courtyards romanced me to a swoon
Sipping bottled gin & tonics, shot me straight over the moon
As he offered me his loving, an LA Raiders winter hat
Plastic cups of sweet sweet nothings flowing freely as we sat
In the time that words half spoken, floated right over my head
Lost my dictionary last night, woke up hungover in bed
Did you spend a long time thinking, sitting cold at the North Gate?
I was only kiosk hopping, and I told you not to wait
If the day could last forever, would we still be drinking there?
Playing love on the old metro, skipping through that Red Red Square
Taking time to look life over, twinkle toes on beer soaked bar
Deep down dreaming, magic city, how I wonder where you are.


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