Wednesday, August 03, 2005

day in the life of a copywriter

wait for brilliant copy to materialize!
watch blank page for hours, and then realize!
that copy aint magically appearing before my weary eyes!
wonder why my boss ignores my desperate cries!
gossip and bitch quietly so as to avoid the office spies!
ultimately throw some lines down that i don't despise!
sigh with resignation as another day slowly dies!

i suppose i could add a few more lines about how i
eat a few rhubarb pies!
or change into my smurf disguise!
or even listen to guns n' roses classic album lies! lies! lies!

but i'll refrain. instead i'll explain all these anxious exclamation marks. you see, this week i am booked for over 50 hours of big bad client time. that means i am supposedly spending 3000 minutes of my week penning brilliant headlines against wholly unrealistic deadlines. but, you know, i think i am ready for the challenge. oh yes. i have stepped into my phone booth (or office, as the case may be) and have emerged, the madvertiser, superhero of copywriting, able to write utter crap faster than a speeding bullet, destined to throw bullshit around in client presentations like spiderman throws that cobwebby shit.



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