Wednesday, November 02, 2005

the review from here.

My my, let me update on what is new

Well, i finally got my annual review
Yeah, the one that was 3 decades overdue
Of course, what they told me, I'm not sposed to say,
And though i should live by the ad-motto: "Self-serve, don't Obey"
I won't breach confidence: instead i'll put it this way:

I am no longer a junior writer, it's true--
But i still make less than you do.

Gossip's still loud, Complaints are still muffled
And all the creative teams have been re-shuffled
My time pushing pills and selling laptops is done
And the era of verbally pimping Cars has begun
Wanna know my experience driving? How about none?!

So there's my brief update - life has been in flux
I'm a real big writer making real big bucks
To weave glorious fantasies about sedans and trucks.


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