Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the writer: 7 days a week

monday's writer is fair of face
cruising the office like she owns the place
biting feedback just don't seem to faze her
every headline is sharp like RAZOR!

tuesday's writer is full of grace
sure, productivity's slowed to a mediocre pace
but still earnest in her desire to excel
she sucks it up and (kind of) works like hell

wednesday's writer is full of woe
she's feeling downtrodden & rightfully so
that stack of work's piling higher and higher
and they said it would ease up but their pants are on fire!

thursday's writer doesn't have too far to go
but on pizzazz and fake smiles she's running dangerously low
itunes and idle chatter distract her from her tasks
(though she's brainstorming and jamming, if anyone asks)

friday's writer is loving and giving
there's a freakin beer cart - life has to be worth living!
with each lukewarm can, temptation gets stronger
so why not delay those projects just a teensy bit longer?

saturday's writer now has to work hard for a living
she's got two brochures to write & that headache aint forgiving
but she manages to stifle that voice that says, "screw it"
and instead, sits down and gets right to it

because you see, the writer who works on the sabbath day
gets way more than she does in terms of pay.


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