Monday, October 17, 2005

from s.o.s. to w.o.w.

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you were just what I needed and didn't the cars say that
And mr darcy aint got nothing on this prejudice and pride
See, I was too effed to notice that my heart went splat!
chalk it up to the romance of smoking outside

same neurosis different faces
new places, stasis, putting me through the paces
scenester parties full of blazers and blasé
more cute hats here than a day at the races
and sometimes I wonder if I'll emerge ok

and it was past the fall of folly, the summer of scandal
stubbing toes on life like I do in sandals
realizing that I am more than I alone can handle

and so it was and it was, through a haze of writing
wistful-- full of it- girl - power - switch!
caught up in the in-jokes, flirtations, play-fighting
suddenly it all seemed way less exciting/ inviting
time to make like muddy road & ditch.

got a bit lost in the baggage claim
so full of old moves and new designs
but worries along with wildness tamed
and now i sap instead of pine

and it was past the summer of scandal, the fall of folly
tumbling head over tails, or was that the stoli
realizing that life lately more surreal than a Dali

And now, what what, can't can't figure out
how to map the months and the days & weeks
so I'll sit under covers and over any doubt
and watch 12 hours straight of freaks & geeks.

and it was far past fall of folly, through the winter of what?
listening to why? And wondering how I didn't get cut?
realizing that things can be open even when they seem shut.

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