Tuesday, September 13, 2005

meet your meeting maker

oh how i dream of a day without meetings
they fill me with agony, horror and woe
over them i'd take lectures! detentions and beatings!
off to the guillotine i'd happily go

take one drab boardroom with uncomfortable chairs
add a dreary and endless itinerary
throw in a bunch of creatives, putting on airs
and one fool chatting on like a coked up canary

mix in a few blackberries buzzing like flies,
awkward silences you could cut with a butter knife
stir in some sighs, yawns and a couple glazed eyes
half-bake into the most tedious hour of your life.

oh how i dream of a day without meetings
though reality brought me ten (count 'em!) ten today
but i shan't let the dullness of them be defeating
after all, my bills they do pay.


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