Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ah, Semiotics, how you opened my eyes
how you defied the norms, how you tore down the wall
I got a degree in poking holes in the whats and the whys
the result? I learned everything about nothing at all.

Shall i show you my very best attempt at a Barthes-wheel?
or would a quick Lacan-can round the room suffice --
i could tell you how sex and death gave birth to the high heel,
or lecture you on racial symbolism of soy sauce on rice.

On any topic, no matter how silly, i'll happily wax synthetic
postmodernism? poststructuralism? post cerealism?
don't get me started
'cause my nonsensical ramble doubles as an anaesthetic
See, i'm one hundred and thousand percent Baudrilltarded.

Ah, Semiotics, how you now give me pause
though looking back my mind and heart they do flutter
Four years i dedicated to your most unworthy cause
and still your theories make me stutter.


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