Thursday, October 18, 2007

writing tips-y

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you should never write poems when you are drunk
after all, you're not really at your most pithy --
but when sobriety's gone and your heart's been sunk
well, these are the moments you feel all word-smithy.

too much guinness has provided too much fuel
for your stories of romance & treason,
but it's also drowned out any semblance of cool
and though you've got rhyme - there's no reason.

i get it, you want to express all your woe
& document drama occurring
your verse rivals byron! tennyson! poe!
--except that it's clumsy and slurring.

sleep it off dear friend, & when you awake
as you gaze bleary-eyed at the ceiling -
i bet it's your head, not your heart that will break
and then hand in hand they'll start healing.


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